STL donates laptop to Uganda orphanage!
June 16, 2010
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Longtime STL supporter Shawna Coxon recently coordinated the delivery of a laptop to a Ugandan orphanage called African Child in Need (ACIN) in Kampala. The orphanage has 22 young men ranging in age from 12-18. It is a small facility with two rooms where they sleep on triple level bunk beds, an office, a "kitchen" (there's just a sink and a small countertop) and a common area with benches. After becoming orphaned, many of the young men were abused by relatives, living on the streets, collecting plastic bottles for pennies, and huddling together in gutters or under cars to sleep.

The photo also includes the man who started and runs the orphanage, Milton Opoya and his wife Immaculate. He gave up everything to start ACIN including leaving extended family in his rural village, moving his wife and four children into a one-room house in a slum and saving his money to start it.

This computer will allow them to become organized in a way that was not possible before. For example, with the original hand written files, there was no way to track their clients except by hand - a significant problem when you are trying to find corporate local donors or beneficiaries from the West. The computer is now a prized possession in the office. Milton now uses excel to electronically update their finances and (of course) the kids love to use it.

These young men dream of creating a better life for themselves - they long to have a family, a home, to go to school. In the words of Shawna, "...this is another example of how donating a computer means so much more than it may seem."